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Hiring Heroes:
Uncovering Our Talent Sourcing Offerings


Tekskills is a Talent Sourcing Service, we help you find the best candidate for your job by providing RPO (Recruitment On-Demand). We have a global delivery model that utilizes a combination of technology, talent management, and process improvement to deliver superior results. Our goal is to help you focus on your core competency while maintaining high levels of quality control throughout all phases of the hiring process.

Services including:

Talent sourcing service : Talent sourcing service is the process of finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent for your organization. It includes:

  • Sourcing candidates from the candidate pool
  • Screening candidates based on the job description
  • Assessing candidates based on their skills, experience, and other qualifications

Talent enablement services : Talent enablement services are designed to help companies build their talent pool.

These services include candidate screening, sourcing, and, assessment services:

  • Candidate screening involves the identification of candidates who are likely to be hired by your organization to ensure that you have a diverse set of applicants from which to choose.
  • Sourcing refers to finding qualified candidates through various channels such as job boards or social media networks so that you can attract top-notch talent for your organization without having to spend heavily on advertising campaigns or expensive recruitment consultants like us at Tekskills!
  • Assessment refers to the process whereby we evaluate each candidate against our selection criteria before offering them an opportunity within our team (or not).

Specialized staffing services: Specialized staffing services are services that are not provided by other staffing companies. These specialized services include:

  • Executive Search and Placement (ESP) -searching for top talent in your industry or field of expertise.
  • Recruitment Advertising -advertising jobs on the Internet so that qualified candidates will see them and apply for them.
  • Telecommuting -offering employees the to work from home, with or without telecommuting tools such as virtual offices, chat rooms, and video conferencing software

RPO services: RPO services are a "best of both worlds" approach to talent management:

  • They can help you with your specific needs and specialized resources, as well as help you with a global delivery model.
  • With RPO services, talent sourcing is integrated with proprietary technologies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to combine traditional recruitment with a modern approach.
  • This creates an ideal environment for finding high-quality candidates who match the profile of your company's job roles, allowing for greater flexibility in how you hire people from around the world.

Consulting services: Tekskills has a team of experts who can provide consulting services to help you with your recruitment process. These include:

  • Recruitment Process Review
  • Recruitment Process Optimization
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Development (includes: staffing/recruitment strategy, sourcing, and selection) and talent acquisition process optimization (talent acquisition; sourcing, and selection)
Global Delivery Model

Tekskills is a global delivery model that helps our clients to save time and money. We can provide the right talent at the right time, anywhere in the world. Tekskills has one of the most extensive networks of talented people in its portfolio, making us an ideal partner for your business needs. Our staff members are experts in their fields and will help you find exactly what you need when it comes to filling positions or hiring new employees. We perform approximately 25% of our work on-site at client locations by our consultants, while the remaining 75% is performed from our scalable, talent-rich, process-driven, and competitively priced development centers. The delivery method and location of IT solutions are completely customized and determined by what you believe is best for the business. The delivery method and location of IT solutions are completely customized and determined by what you believe is best for the business. The purpose of our talent sourcing practices is to save time, gain agility, efficiently utilize resources, and grow the business. Tekskills offers a comprehensive approach to recruiting and talent management that meets our clients' needs.

  • Tekskills can help you source, hire, develop, and retain the right talent.
  • Our services include Talent Sourcing Services, Talent Enablement Services, Specialized Staffing Services, RPO Services, Consulting Services, and a Global Delivery Model.
  • We provide an integrated approach to recruiting and talent management, allowing us to provide our clients with all their staffing needs.
  • We provide consulting services to help manage your operations through the hiring process.
  • Our talented team can help you achieve excellent results.
We have extensive knowledge and expertise in finding talent in the following fields:
  • The deployment of enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle
  • Networking, infrastructure management, and security services
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Database Administration
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • The project, Program, Change, and, Vendor Management
  • Application Development in Java/J2EE and .NET environments
Process for acquisition (Infographic)
  • The client interviews
  • A validation processes
  • Interview for pre-screening
  • Verification of background
  • An offer of employment
  • On-Boarding
Key Takeaways

Cost Reduction : Significantly reduced recruitment costs by reducing third-party fees.

Excellent Talent : The opportunity to find niche or passive talent that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

Rapid Hiring : We provide fast, high-volume, niche, and executive recruitment services anywhere in the world.

Elasticity : Depending on your changing business demands, the additional sourcing power we offer can be adjusted up or down.

Facts & Skills : Detailed information on the source of hire, including channel ROI.


Tekskills is a talent-sourcing service that specializes in recruiting, staffing, and managing skilled talent for our clients. With the expertise of our talent sourcing services, we'll uncover exactly what you're searching for and put you in touch with the ideal individuals to enable you to produce outstanding outcomes. While reducing costs and hiring times without sacrificing quality, our talent sourcing teams use cutting-edge technologies to efficiently address your individual talent needs. Using market-leading search technology, our team maps candidate pools and identifies exceptional candidates. We have experience in passive sourcing of technical candidates, active screening and processing of candidates, ATS maintenance, recruitment administration assistance, and analysis of client data. The team is knowledgeable about how candidates and competitors operate in various markets and is relentlessly focused on results. You can source great talent through our Center of Excellence (CoE).

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