Automated monitoring and control of HR & Payroll systems helps management plan and execute HR related investment programs and projects with ease and efficiency. Tekskills started the Avalokana initiative keeping in mind the needs of both large companies and SMEs. Avalokana, means 'to view or observe' in Sanskrit.

Avalokana is an integrated HR & Payroll application/tool that can be used by any industry vertical that employs people on a large scale. It facilitates remote HR management of branches from a single point, offering management a transparent, neutral and powerful tool to control and monitor HR and Payroll activities. Avalokana is scalable, flexible and can be easily customized to suit different industry types.

Unlike other payroll applications, Avalokana offers plenty of room for customization and can be easily integrated with larger systems. It is compatible with many platforms and most Windows applications.

Its features include:
  • Finger print or biometric machines based attendance reports
  • Daily / weekly / monthly attendance reports
  • SMS / e-mail alerts on late comings, leaves and permissions
  • Option for shifts
  • Automatic Salary calculations
  • Online access provided for all employees
  • Report of LOPs/ SL/PL/VL/CL
  • Automatic Pay slips generation every month
  • Online Leave requests and permissions
  • Option of Exemptions to few employees
  • Provision to add / edit holiday lists
  • Remote management of all branches